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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

"So now we're off on a new journey, by reigniting swans I've unlocked the trunk where I'd trapped my demon brother. Now that he's out again I am wrestling with him and am determined this time to not only kill him, but all his friends and family as well. I've enlisted my comrades Norman Westberg, Christoph Hahn, Phil Puleo, Thor Harris and Chris Pravdica as the primary soldiers in this quest."
- Swans' Michael Gira, talking to The Quietus

Holy shit. Michael Gira has a way with words. I'm not a huge Swans obsessive but any astute fan of the noisome, offensive and repugnant side of music should be well versed in the legacy of Gira's always shifting militia. No doubt that passage resonated with the initiated; I need to hear My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky. In a recent interview with hip-as-hell (at least they have some taste) webzine, The Quietus, Gira talks through the long-awaited new album track by track. Take a look, if you weren't already excited this article will have you bouncing off the walls. To add to the hysteria, the opener, 'No Words/No Thoughts' is streaming on the Swans myspace and the penultimate track, 'Eden Prison' is embedded below. Have fun.

Swans - 'Eden Prison'

Extra Life Kickstarter Project for 'Ripped Heart' EP

After the success of Toby Driver's recent fanboy driven plea to fund the recording and release of a brand new Tartar Lamb piece comes Charlie Looker's Extra Life. Also New York based, they are seeking funding from the fans to record an EP tentatively entitled 'Ripped Heart'. The prizes are pretty fucking cool, including the $1000 one whereby Mr. Looker will write you your very own song!
Head on over to the Kickstarter page and see how much you can give to support another incredible experimental act. Anything you can muster guarantees you a reward, from a digital download to psychotherapy sessions - nothing goes unrewarded.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watain London posters printed in... human blood?

Right. Not quite sure what to make of this, but Watain have been lords of the publicity stunt since Lawless Darkness. First they claimed their fifth full-length was the 'rebirth of black metal'. It was definitely a good record but I remain unconvinced on that one. Then there was the whole 'Watain Black Metal Militia' thing which I have no problem with... but they seem to be taking to their new-found superstardom like a crucifix to a possessed vagina. I just found out that Watain approached NY print and design company, Metastasiz, to print 111 copies of the above poster in human blood from the designer and one Watain fan. While Bielak's art is stunning to say the least, is it me or is this fucking retarded?

Shit just got very Dethklok.

Coffins/Stormcrow 12" out now on 20 Buck Spin

Is it sludge with death metal influences, or death metal with sludge inflluences? With Coffins it's never quite as simple as that. The Japanese punishers' successful blurring of borders and standards enabled them to slot seamlessly into a ten day American tour with crusty death troupe Stormcrow last year, ending in a blistering set at LA's Murderfest. Watching eachother's bands destroy each night has evidently rubbed off on them, leading to the alliance of this new split 12". The Lovecraft inspired artwork was etched by Digestor (Sean McGrath) of gore-obsessed thrashers, Ghoul.
The re-recording of Slaughter of Gods for the Coffins side is up on myspace.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cathedral 20th Anniversary Show, December 3rd

The impact Cathedral had on doom metal must not be underestimated. Veering away from the droves of 80s Sabbath mimics, Lee Dorian and company married the general sloth of the genre with a truly oppressive atmosphere and the savagery of the death metal scene Dorian had recently departed. This British institution were the start of something special; a precursor for all extreme doom to come that lifted the music from mere retrograde worship into something entirely of its own. Without them, it'd be hard to imagine releases from Moss, Electric Wizard or Unearthly Trance, all of which have seen records put out by Dorian's label, Rise Above.

2010 marks twenty years of Cathedral - it's a welcome surprise that such an influential band has stayed the course and remained relevant to this day. To celebrate, the band is reuniting the original line-up to play their magnum opus (though some may disagree), Forest of Equilibrium, in all its gloomy glory at the Islington Academy, London, on December 3rd. But it doesn't stop there. The doom veterans have also brought along their current incarnation to play a second set on the same night to reel off their best moments all the way up to this year's The Guessing Game. Tickets available here.

Can't wait? Roadburn have uploaded Cathedral's 2009 appearance in full.

New Jesu Release & One Day Sale!

Hydra Head have, somewhat dubiously, sparked my curiosity by offering all digital Jesu releases at a massively reduced price over at their new online store for one day only. In equal amounts preparation and excitement over the release of some brand new, delicious JKB drone on November 16th!

Bosque - Passage Cassette

I remember being impressed with Bosque's split with the equally demented Senthil but completely missed any news of their 'Passage' opus being released on CD through Total Holocaust Records. So to learn this was being released on the ultra kvlt cassette format through Dunkelheit Produktionen came as a welcome surprise. Pick up your copy, limited to 200 including an embroidered patch for your maturing metal jacket. Think demented funeral doom, cavernous and drenched in reverb.
Available soon.

Gyibaaw & Mitochondrion - Rituals of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt

Hot on the news of Gyibaaw's Canadian tour with Inquisition comes a split with Mitochondrion on Siege Engine Records. Slightly more interesting than your average split, the title track being a collaboration between the two acts, followed by individual tracks from each band (both new tracks and re-recorded demo material) including a Drudkh cover from Gyibaaw! If the band is new to you, expect Northern Black Metal celebrating Canadian tradition, ancient warfare and indigenous culture. Tinged ever so slightly with the occasional nod to death metal, lo-fi production values and a great ear for an atmospheric song structure - they continue LURKER's obsession with downright fucking awesome lo-fi extreme metal. They recently made their 2008 demo available for free download on their site. Go ahead, give it a download and then keep your eyes open for the split.

Adversarial - 'All Idols Fall Before the Hammer' Pre-Order

Adversarial play black/death metal of a higher calibre. Ferocious in their preoccupation with blasting, chaotic metal that remains unrelenting and nauseating in its attack, ad infinitum. Do not be alarmed if this turns out to be one of the best releases this year. The preview track, 'Death.Rot.Monolith' is available over at the Myspace and stands as a marked improvement over their highly acclaimed 2008 demo, 'Thralls'. Dark Descent now have the pre-order available for 'All Idols Fall Before the Hammer', which represents the bands first full length to date. Grab this here for the reduced pre-order price of $8, where you also find links to a very metal long sleeve shirt.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mortifera - Maledictiih Out Now!

Mortifera's latest full length, 'Maledictiih' has been unleashed on an offshot of Drakkar Productions entitled Apparitia Recordings. The album is available on CD, limited digipack and there is a vinyl version limited to 300 copies only, so act fast! Since the departure of Neige, I have mused over what would become of Mortifera under the sole guise of one Sir Noktu Geiistmortt and here is the result. More deranged vocal arrangements, more cacophonous black metal in the vein of Celestia, more tomb, corpse and romantic obsession, all without Neige's undeniable taint. I am unconvined this will ever top the majesty of 'Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera' (which also got a re-release by Drakkar recently) but I would love to see it try.

Grab it here and give a new track a listen here.

Morbus Chron new EP: Creepy Creeping Creeps

Sweden's masterful Morbus Chron are to release a pre-album EP in September through Detest Records. The awesomely titled Creepy Creeping Creeps nods towards the band's great sense of humour and approach to death metal that continues to shine through in every interview they do. There's a brief sample of what to expect from the 'Chron up on their myspace, leaning in a more melodic and technical direction than previous effort, Splendour of Disease. Death, Autopsy and Morbid Angel sounds abound... Never a bad thing!

Coming up on Detest for 2010/2011:

Thrall: Misanthropic Black Metal, Vermin To The Earth

Tasmania, a land unknown to civilised humanity until the early 1800s which remains largely uninhabitable to this day; once seen as a place of banishment, for those beyond redemption, one of the farthest flung corners of the British Empire.’, is birthplace to the misanthropic, anti-humanistic entity of Thrall. Given the nature of the land as well as fellow inhabitants, it hardly seems surprising that an act like Thrall harbours deeply misanthropic, almost naturalistic premonitions; ‘There are parts of Tasmania that remain uninhabited by humans to this day due to the inhospitable climate and barren earth. The idea of nature rejecting humans appeals to me greatly.’ This is not an attempt to pinpoint them under a certain philosophical outlook, let it be made clear that ‘To have a unified position would undermine the principles that we have in common. I seek to undermine all organised or centralised philosophical, religious or political doctrines. I am opposed to such belief-systems. I believe that such life-methodologies limit the perception/will of the individual.’

Originating as ‘Thy Plagues’ with the ‘Wrath Eternal’ recording that was released in a limited edition of 20 copies, Tom soon after enlisted Em to help with instrument duties for live performances; ‘On the strength of one of these performances Trent [Griggs] approached us about recording us. The eventual result was our first album and the decision to rename the project given the change in scope and style.’ Thus Thrall was born. They have recently signed with LURKER favourite, Total Holocaust Records for the release in question; ‘Away From The Haunts of Man’ which combines elements of Black Metal, Doom, Punk, Thrash, orthodox black metal that conjures fond memories of early Darkthrone as well as a whole host of inspirational content ranging from philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to David Lynch’s composer Angelo Badalamenti. When questioned further on the influences behind Away From The Haunts of Man’ it becomes apparent the duo are not playing Black Metal for the sake of Black Metal. Their influences are as widely stretched as D-beat and Jazz, so much so that ‘Thrall has been a deliberate return to playing within a genre and then attempting to introduce musical elements from outside the genre such as music box, rhythmic structures from other genres, uncommon guitar effects and so on.

Thrall fuse the mid-paced blast-beats of old-school black metal with lush vacuum-tube soaked guitars. Their bio is true, tracks vary from primitive black metal to gloriously constructed sound-scapes that collapse into doom and ambience conveying mannerisms and atmospheric undertones Tasmanian neighbour Sin Nanna of Striborg can only begin to convey. This misanthropic venture seems more mature and understood than the dull outbreak Black Metal has suffered as of late. Tom, progenitor of Thrall, does not wish to align himself with ‘secular society, academia or rationalism either. They all have their own vested interests in controlling access to knowledge, wealth and the perpetuation of their own institutions - in much the same way as cloistered religious organisations perpetuate themselves. Hatred of humanity essentially involves the view that ‘humans have much more in common with viruses that consume their host or the biological system that sustain them’. Whilst ‘Certain animal species limit their reproduction depending on the resources that are available’, take a look at earth from space, the immutable grey whitewash polluted mass of any crowd inhabited city compared to the ever shrinking green rainforests and jungles. If earth were an apple, humanity would represent the mould.

‘Away From The Haunts of Man’ is a mammoth voyage lasting over 60 minutes, travelling through, amalgamating and punishing a relentless amount of musical influence and conceptual skill. Album opener, ‘Spit In The Eye’, omits any jaded intro and lurches at once into orthodox, thrashing Black Metal completely riddled with striking binary sections, distorted arpeggios and hardcore like vocal arrangements (Humanity you disgust me! Perfect annihilation! Sans compassion!). From the doomier ‘Rank Webs’, the ambience of ‘To Velvet Blackness’ to the straight laced black metal of ‘Heliophobia’, culminating in the grand opus of ‘Robe of Flesh’ whose Weaklingesque vocals, penchant for atmosphere and tension headline the entire album, the variety is almost ominous.

When questioned about the bands immediate future and where their well of influence and deep-seeded misanthropia will take them, Em speaks ‘I would like to play some shows, maybe in other places that I haven't played before. I'd like to go back to Japan and tour with Ruins (Australia) or Psycroptic. Those guys are our friends. I'd like to make another film clip. I'd like to finish mixing the next album Thrall II: "Vermin to the Earth", and start rehearsing for the next EP that we've done some conceptual work on, but we haven't written much yet.’ Having recently finished recording their sophomore effort; ‘Vermin to the Earth’, which in itself promises a vast array of different, divergent ideas (‘We’re very proud of this recording. We used some very special microphones on the guitars and vocals in particular. The album is much more organic and live than “Away from the Haunts of Men”. We’re hoping the mixing/mastering will be done within the year’), as well as a conceptual EP on the way focused on the topic of ‘Aokigahara (青木ヶ原), a.k.a. the Sea of Trees (樹海 Jukai). The region is prominent in Japanese mythology and literature and is supposedly the 2nd most popular suicide destination in the world.

Judging by the intonations regarding upcoming possibilities; the unique recording conditions of ‘Vermin to the Earth’, the upcoming conceptual EP, Tom hoping to continue illustrating for both Thrall and other ventures, their general unwillingness to commit to any garnered, rationalised philosophical perspective, the project seems to be in the unlimited creativity of its youth. ‘Away From The Haunts of Man’ is available now on Total Holocaust Records, available from the label and the band themselves. Expect more news on any Thrall developments as they come available through LURKER and the bands Myspace.

To read the interview in full, click here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chronic, doob, dope, dank, ganja, grass, green, BUDS

Thrall completes second album: Vermin to the Earth

Australia's Thrall quickly solidified as a Lurker favourite following the release of their debut, Away From the Haunts of Men. Less than a month later the band has revealed that they have completed recording the follow-up album,Vermin to the Earth, and are reportedly very happy with the atmosphere and fidelity they've captured.

A preliminary tracklist:
1. Vermin to the Earth
2. Oblivion
3. Disease’s Maiming Caress
4. Plague of Man
5. Mass Extinction
6. Ecstasy not of the Flesh
7. Vita Vacuus Voluntas
8. Meus Quietus Nex

Expect more highly competent anti-human black metal with a gratifying old school edge. Vermin to the Earth will now undergo the long process of mixing and mastering, but in the meantime Thrall are working on yet more new material. Look forward to this. And if you haven't picked up Away From the Haunts of Men yet, do so here.

Nyogthaeblisz - Apocryphal Progenitors Of Mankind's Tribulation 2nd Press Pre-Order

Jesus fuckin' Christ. Ever noticed how Black Metal sounds like a sharp knife and Death Metal like a fat, dumb sledgehammer? Ever heard Black Metal that has actually cut your flesh, or sounds like it could? This is the purest, more downright anti-melodic piece of Satanic Black Metal I've ever come across. After a lackluster Intro of gunshots, raid warnings and human screams comes a wall of treble that ebbs and flows over the next few tracks as we are treated to barely audible, Ildjarn like convocations that have pretty fucking killer atmosphere. There are elements of doom, bestial, raw death metal and (obviously) noise that come as frequently as the interchange of low end bass rumbles and high end guitar shrieks.

The release is a compilation of demo material, so production values vary between tracks, and so does the overall effect of the music. Not recommended for the non-elite amongst you. Released as vinyl without any sleeve (or artwork for that matter), instead including a CD and razor so you can either pentagram your forehead or cut your ears off for listening to this. This is so aggressively sharp and unconventionally (yes, even by black metals standards) produced. Think of our recurrent love for raw, old school death metal in the vein of Teitanblood and Antediluvian, but focused on spreading the congealed, manifest word of satan. 2nd pressing currently accepting pre-orders over at Satanic Skinhead Propaganda.

Inquisition New Album Artwork Revealed & New Track!

Inquisitions latest effort, 'Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm' is scheduled tentatively for an August release date. They recently revealed what might be considered one aspect of the artwork. The style remains stereotypically Inquisitionesque with the undeniable ability to send you reeling off into distant realms of satanic might and misanthropic delight. As if latter day Inquisiton have become more metaphysical in their philosophising over the one with horns, the new artwork and album title is reminiscent of a type of lovecraftian fear of the unknown. The band are currently showcasing new material as they continue their tour through US and Canadian borders. One demo version of a new track can be heard on the bands Myspace, but its in their live performance that the atmosphere and character of the material can really be conveyed. Enjoy the artwork as you sit mesmerised by their unique, canonical take on Black Metal. Fuck I wish they'd visit the UK.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Antediluvian - Under Wing of Asael (2008)

Anyone tired of the current old school reprise in death metal yet? No? Me neither, and I don't think I will tire of it, period. Death metal had reached a point where its emphasis on technical wizardry and a glossy, approachable faćade had well passed its sell-by date. Seriously, thank fuck bands like Teitanblood have come to the fore and baptised a whole new generation in the ugly and brutal workings of how death metal should be. The old school is 'cool' once more, dragging a terrifying army of new bands out from death metal's audial grave.

Antediluvian's third demo is slightly antediluvian itself (unleashed back in 2008) but has been making waves recently. The band hails from Edmonton, Canada, lending itself to the already extensive list of incredible black/death metal bands that have spawned in that area. While many of these were relatively straight forward in approach, Antediluvian is a totally twisted and decrepit beast that focuses the chaotic lashings of Portal into a condensed and lethal concoction. Earlier demos leaned more in the black metal direction but Under Wing of Asael takes the pummelling low-end of those releases and builds on it endlessly.

Under Wing of Asael's raw, DIY production enhances the delivery of Antediluvian's bestial onslaught. Guitars are reduced to ground-shaking rumbles, the bass literally melts through the speakers and drums blast a rocky road between impeccable tightness and total incoherence. The great thing about this band is that they are equal parts brilliant riffing and complete fucking destruction. Comparisons to Portal are perhaps overstated; Antediluvian flings riffs at the listener that are sometimes entirely absent in Portal, the latter being more of a lesson in sheer nightmarish terror than something you can bang your head to.

Over four tracks Antediluvian punishes with grotesque yet engaging passages, rumbling through intricate and bass-heavy riffs at a standard black metal pace, only to dive head-first into doomier sections positively dripping with a primordial sludge. The dynamism displayed throughout culminates in the lengthy title-track closer, the occult atmosphere of which is illustrated perfectly by slow and mournful picking that suggests a small but irresistable funeral doom influence.

For any following the old school death metal resurgence with ears strained, Antediluvian are a must. The success of these bands lies in their ability to make endless nods to death metal's troubled infancy while bringing a whole new level of originality and experimentation possible only in the wake of modern metal's balls-to-the-wall extremity. Hit up Poison Mist Propaganda to get your hands on some releases. Pretty sure this particular demo is physically unobtainable but easy to find in the blogosphere.

Look At This Fucking Inquisition Shirt

Discharge to headline Crust Over Brum 2011

A bit early maybe, but note this one down because proto-crust legion Discharge are headlining Crust Over Brum 2011 at The Asylum, Birmingham on February 26th. The line-up showcases some of the best in British punk-metal talent with support handled by a reformed English Dogs, Police Bastard, Selfless, Cryo-genics and The Fiend. Tickets are £10 but get them quick as only 450 are on sale... and a lot more than 450 people will want to see Discharge.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Blood Red Fog/Verge - Because Its Wrong Split CD

Limited to the oddest of numbers (993), Helvete.ru have packaged, released and (semi)promoted the latest work from both Verge and Blood Red Fog. As a long time admirer of Blood Red Fog's uniquely hypnotic, lo-fi and oddly melodic characateur of black metal - this split comes as a necessary purchase. Orders can be placed directly with the band at either of the above links, where you will also find samples and band information.

Grave Upheaval - Demo Out Now!

Grave Upheaval sound like a primitive, barbaric Portal transcending genres, language and any question of sanity. They just put out their demo tape through Abysmal Sounds and I strongly recommend picking up a copy before the 4 way split between these guys, Impetuous Ritual, Aethyrvorous and Profaner drops late on this year. For $5 (Australian!) of your cash, suffer metaphysical horror of forgotten necromancy whilst ascending beyond the plain of death. Completely mandatory purchase for any modern acolyte of the black death flame. Its rare for a death metal band to accurately capture and convey a sense of atmosphere that transcends the boring trodden left hand path, and this is why we must support and treasure acts like Grave Upheaval.

Check out the track "Impetuous Black Hunger" in all its otherworldy completeness here.

Weapon - 'From The Devil's Tomb' New Album Out November

Seeing last years 'Drakonian Paradigm' fall on deaf ears was definitely to the detriment of the listener. Borrowing, combining and successfully manipulating paradigms from heavy, black and death metal, Weapon's style, precision and conviction gave us one of the years finest metal albums. What a shame then, that Teitanblood's 'Seven Chalices' completely outshadowed the majesty of this release. Given some luck the follow up, 'From The Devil's Womb', unleashed this November through AJNA and Agonia Records will bring them some underground acclaim.

If you missed their previous effort, head over here to give some material a listen.
(PS. 'Archana' is a killer track).


Things have been a bit quiet lately so here's a cool picture, a quick update and some reasons.

1. The three of us had a 'meeting' over tuesday and wednesday about moving to our own domain name. Suffice to say we spent most of our time sitting on our asses, smoking, and watching haggard sci-fi films. But this will happen.

2. We're very busy with work. My access to the internet for the next three weeks is somewhat limited.

But we did start prying our way into the 'net a bit more. You can now follow us on twitter and facebook. These pages will be used a lot more when the website is running.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hacavitz - Metztli Obscura

Mexican metallers Hacavitz have always lurked in the no-man's-land between Death and Black Metal, sounding more like a natural mid-point between the styles than a carefully thought-out blend of the two. With third album Metztli Obscura (Moribund 2010), the duo don't stray too far from familiar turf, but take a few steps closer towards Black Metal. The result - I'll say it now- is pretty fucking brilliant.

Several big changes set this album apart from their previous work, particularly from 2007's Katun. The most obvious difference is the production: Katun's murky and drum-heavy sound (which earned it quite a slating) has been replaced with a sharper and more balanced production job that does far more justice to the band's often technical riffing. Gone too are the atmospheric samples and traditional Mexican instruments that peppered the last two albums. The songs are also a hell of a lot more concise: not a moment is wasted on filler, and several tracks are well under four minutes. Hacavitz have trimmed off every conceivable bit of fat and then shat on it.

What we're left with is a 37-minute barrage that doesn't let up once. Each song twists its way through a variety of tempos, dotted with the occasional well-placed solo and a few headlong dives into blackened thrash ('Sulphur Winds'). The band's real trademark, however, is the dissonant jangling strokes of the top strings, bringing to mind the stylings of Deathspell Omega and Ulcerate. These had started to creep in on the last record but were often hidden by the production; here they stand out like flashes in the dark. Guitar mastermind Antimo also throws in the odd passage of dissonant picking that adds some real atmosphere and offers a change from the tremolo riffs.

Lyrically, the band switch between English, Spanish and what I guess must be the Aztec language Nauhatl. I can't speak for other two, but the English lyrics are pretty standard Black Metal fare. Not everyone's cup of tea, maybe, but having songs in Aztec makes up for it in my book. Plus, there's enough of character and variety in the delivery to pull off even the shakiest of lines.

If there's one weakness to this album compared with its predecessors - and I'm really scraping the barrel here - it's that Hacavitz only ever let the tempo drop so far. Songs like 'Tenieblas - Tenochtitlan' on Katun showed that the band do a really smart job of a creeping, expansive dirge; but here proceedings are mostly kept short and sharp. As for the material that ended up on this record, though, I can hardly fault it. I've just given Metztli Obscura its seventeenth spin and I'm still getting more out of it.

Go on, do yourself a favour.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dopefight album launch, w/ Widows & Dead Existence

Red-eyed riff slingers Dopefight are having an album launch show for their debut full-length, Buds, at the Unicorn, Camden Road, London on Friday 20th August. Support comes in form of sludge fiends, Dead Existence and Widows. Come on, have I not gone on about these guys enough yet? Get the fucking hint. Go see them if you're in town and most importantly grab a copy of the new record. And while you're here head to their bigcartel, order the demo (only a few copies left!), split and one of their gnarly t-shirts.

See you at the show.

New Arckanum artwork and tracklist revealed!

Last month we spread the news that the chaos-gnostic cult of Arckanum had jumped ship to heavy-hitting label, Regain Records for the next chapter in Shamaatae's unholy gospel. The artwork and tracklist for Sviga Læ has now been unveiled: 

01. Læ Elr
02. Gylðir Algørir
03. In Følva Felr
04. Goðin Eru Blekkt
05. Gramr Girnisk
06. Andskoti Ferr Austan
07. Múspellzheimr Kemr
08. Røk

Expect an October release date. More info here.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Esoteric vinyl series under way

Gloom-infested godfathers of funeral doom Esoteric are having their celebrated discography reissued on vinyl by the adept hands at Aesthetic Death Records. The albums will be released on an individual basis limited to 350 copies each. The series begins later this year starting with the 1994 debut Epistemological Despondency and once complete, a full box-set of 150 copies will be made available. You can pre-order Epistemological Despondency now, so keep a tab on the Aesthetic Death website for future announcements.

(Trivial note: Joe Fletcher (drummer) lives with one of my mates and regularly plays Magic: The Gathering with my fucking nerdy circle of friends.)

Thou/Human Intruder 7" up for pre-order

Thou are doing a damned good job of pumping out records left, right and centre at the moment. Hot on the heels of the Baton Rouge EP, splits with Moloch and The City Is Tower and the brilliant new full-length, Summit, comes yet another split 7" with Human Intruder on Dead Earth Records. 2010 is shaping up to be Thou's year and forming the perfect alliance with Human Intruder's self-described "hate yourself depressive doom", this looks like another must-have from the Louisiana sludge merchants. Pre-order is available now with the records ready to be shipped in 2 - 3 weeks.

Immortal announce live DVD - The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh

Purveyors of the purest Norse black metal spirit, Immortal are set to release the first live DVD/CD of their long and successful history. The Seventh Date of Blashyrkh will feature all of Immortal's finest moments back-to-back in front of the 70,000 strong crowd they pulled at Germany's Wacken 2007. European hordes can get their hands on this from August 6th, with the title hitting American shores on September 14th. Both the footage and sound are of a very high quality making this an obligatory purchase for Immortal fans. Check the trailer and set list below:

01. Intro
02. The Sun No Longer Rises (from Pure Holocaust)
03. Withstand The Fall Of Time (from At The Heart Of Winter)
04. Sons Of Northern Darkness (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
05. Tyrants (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
06. One By One (from Sons Of Northern Darkness)
07. Wrath From Above (from Damned In Black)
08. Unholy Forces Of Evil (from Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism)
09. Unsilent Storms In The North Abyss (from Pure Holocaust)
10. At The Heart Of Winter (from At The Heart Of Winter)
11. Battles In The North (from Battles In The North)
12. Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) (from Battles In The North)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Blood Revolt's "Indoctrine" now available on Profound Lore

As of today, Profound Lore will be selling copies of Blood Revolt's debut record to customers in North America. It seems the rest of the world will have to wait a bit longer.

For those who haven't heard of the project, Blood Revolt is the ferocious alliance of Primordial's Nemtheanga, Revenge's James Read and C. Ross from Axis of Advance.

Vocalist Nemtheanga describes the record: “In an age of compromise Blood Revolt is genuine rebellion. Pushing the boundaries of what is accepted in 'extreme' metal, Blood Revolt is metal with teeth, like it should be. Genuine violence and aggression mixed with the kind of very real and very dark subject matter that would make other bands heads spin. No cartoon imagery or fantastical pseudo religious hocus pocus, this is the sniper filing down the pin before picking off innocents, this is the suicide bombers sweaty greasy hand on the ignition, dead bodies piled in the politics of the mass grave. Unforgiving and unrelenting elitism…” (from the Profound Lore site).

Buy yourself a copy here. Tracks from the album can be heard here, here and here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Enslaved album, "Axioma Ethica Odini"

Not sure what the countdown is in aid of, perhaps new songs on the myspace. Check back in 4 days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nadja - Sky Burial LP joins the the Latitudes series

One glance over Nadja's discography and it's clear they mean serious business when it comes to releasing records; the husband and wife drone duo practically define 'prolific'.
Ok, so not all of it reaches the goosebump-inducing heights of Touched or Corrasion but Aidan Baker is the kind of guy who will record something out of boredom, thinks it sounds all right and just put it out.
So it may be of comfort to you to know that Nadja is the latest band to join the ranks of Southern Records' Latitudes series, "a limited edition never-to-be-repeated series of session recordings capturing the transience and limitless expression of our modern world."
Sky Burial  features two tracks recorded live at Southern's London studios, culminating in a 38 minute psychedelic tidal wave of sound that can only ever be Nadja. A limited number of these will be on blue vinyl so get on it Nadja fanboys.

Order yours from Broken Spine or Piccadilly Records.

Ghast gig, 21 Sept @ The Marquee, Norwich

Welsh black doom legends Ghast will be playing their first show in months at The Marquee, Norwich on 21 September, with support from Dead Existence, Hellsteed, Thade and Organ Grinder. Not to be missed if you can help it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alex Andreyev

With a brief departure from featuring artists who are somewhat well known or of historic significance, here's some work by Alex Andreyev from St Petersburg. The images displayed here are fairly disturbing and alien, but Alex has an extensive and varied body of work that ranges from photo manipulation to minimal sketches to full blown splashes of colour. He also contributed concept art for the animated version of cult Russian film, Kin-dza-dza! The Metronomicon series are particularly sinister in their blackened humour. Enjoy.

Supersonic update: Napalm Death confirmed

I'm starting to think the Capsule girls are doing their best to rub it in my face since I decided to give Supersonic a miss this year. The infinitely influential grindcore originators Napalm Death have been added to the line-up as of this morning. Strangely enough, this is the band's first appearance at the Birmingham festival despite spending most of their time drinking in Scruffy Murphy's (decent rock/metal pub in Brum, check it out if you're in town). With the band's recent material just as visceral and violent as it's always been, this extreme institution are guaranteed to play with an air of professionalism typical of a band that have been on the scene for nigh on thirty years.

Bassist, Shane Embury: “We are very much looking forward to playing Supersonic this year. It’s always great to play a hometown gig, and with this festival being so diverse musically it’s going to be even more fun for us as we rarely get the chance to play such events - and on the same stage as SWANS, well what can I say?”

This is how the line-up is looking so far. Sift through garbage and there are a few gems:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Inquisiton Kvlt Kassettes Release

InCoffin has license from No Colors Records to release the last two full length Inquisition albums on cassette format. "Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer" includes two bonus tracks that were recorded around the same time (Within The Red Hellfire We Burn and May The Rays of A Fullmoon Shine Upon Us respectively - originally made available 2009 No Colors Re-release) while the more recent effort, "Nefarious Dismal Orations" remains the stand alone album. Both cassettes come in trademark black metal black, no doubt limited to an unknown quantity and will highly likely never be reprinted.

Get on it.