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Monday, May 31, 2010

Portal live

Here are some photographs from the San Francisco ritual of Portal's recently completed American tour. I'm envious, these guys are at the top of my list to see live right now. Hoping for some UK shows soon. The pictures were  found here, along with a load of other decent live photos.

Did any of you happen to catch Portal this month? Tell us about it!

Weed of Wisdom

Dystopia were incredible. Without doubt, one of the more intelligent and eloquent bands of the sludge/crust genre. These lyrics are among my favourites to read along with the song. Not only is the subject matter thoughtful, provocative and controversial, but the way the vocal arrangements are implemented is hideously entertaining. Recommended band.

Rape, consume, exhault, abuse. 
Rob the Earth of fossil fuels. 
We kill ourselves with fossil fuels. 
We've tried, we failed. 
We die with our hands tied. 
Can't you see we have no choice? 
You lie about the true effects. 
Lies... expose the facts that you cant hide. 
Please don't insult our intelligence. 
Hemp is illegal cause it threatens your wealth. 
Dupont, Exxon and a thousand other companies 
would rather see you die than lose money for your 
Price of living. 
Funeral procession, modern ecology. 
I won't bow. 
I won't bow and sit and sigh. 
The world goes to shit as you sit and cry. 
Bigotry, apartheid Jim Crow laws. 
Tools of prohibition to put hemp in its place. 
Put a black man in shackles 
because he smokes weed and had a smile on his face. 
Fucking racist. 
Fuel oil plastic. 
All from a plant that nature's blessing. 
Paper, wood, food. 
Stop deforestation, save this planet. 
Now we must utilize a source. 
That can be grown with ease. 
Save our habitat and stop 
killing wildlife and soil by removing trees. 
Land is in scarce supply and hemp roots help anchor 
which stops erosion nurtifies land while rainforests 
We must put aside myths and legends based on lies. 
Hemp the weed of wisdom will help wipe the tears from 
nature's eye.

Helps if you have the song of course.

Cold Void Emanations: The Arrival Of Satan & Aurvandil Cassettes

Cold Void Emanations is a small underground label/distro operating from the northwesterly peaks of France. They have a tidy release history and I'm here to bring their latest two gems to your attention - these two great looking cassettes:

Aurvandil - Ferd

Aurvandil's Ferd Cassette is a superbly executed piece of atavistic rage. Black metal featuring acoustic meanderings and guitar based chainsaw riffed melodies, the sound is nothing new but the atmosphere and sense of melodicism are both fucking great. Do not let the track length's put you off - they do well to keep you entertained and interested. From what I can gather this is the project of the lone soul behind Cold Void, something he describes as his 'own personal black metal catharsis' - give this a listen here.

The Arrival Of Satan - Vexing Verses

The Arrival Of Satan are not a new band to me, and the cassette release here is their 2009 opus; 'Vexing Verses'. Pro-voidal, total black metal that leaves little room for melody or conscious thought. Imagine a totalitarian black metal version of Gnaw Their Tongues, I love this style, I love french black metal, I love the accent that shines through the vocals. A nice looking 'digi-mc'. Give them a listen here.

Both releases cost as little as 3€ each. SUPPORT!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


For the lack of A grade content appearing on Lurker this weekend but props to Al for keeping us all updated on certain releases. We are all busy with IRL shit it seems. I'm getting drunk right now but maybe I can write something later. In the meantime, here's some artwork from a very good friend of mine, Owen Gatley. He's into allsorts so check him out and contact him if you need his assistance.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vasaeleth - Crypt Born and Tethered To Ruin LP+T-Shirt

Vasaeleth, whose barbarism and bestial approach to musical craftsmanship consistently ensures that they're top of their game (or bottom..) when it comes to gnarly, disgusting death metal are to unleash an LP through Blood Harvest this summer. The pre-order (so long as you order before June 10th) includes a killer t-shirt as a bonus to their whole 'Crypt Born...' release on wax. Pre-order here and if the band are a new name to you but you get shits and giggles from the likes of Teitanblood, Archgoat, Beherit, etc. then give them a listen here.

Friday, May 28, 2010

New Marblebog & Sump Cassettes

Recording took place June 5th, 2009 at Matchitehew Assembly, Chicago. A live Marblebog release I hear you say?! I echo your sentiments completely, but am more than willing to give this a try. Marblebog play great hypnotic black metal soaked to the bone in shoegaze reverb and fuzz and have come out with some killer releases in the past, including a split with LURKER favorite Lascowiec. Sump are unknown to me, but on the back of the artwork, the 'Taken Dead' release title, the fact that the label are putting out Marblebog and the recommendation that they are reminiscent of Bone Awl, I fail to see how I can miss this gem. So in other words expect something similar to blackened punk filth.

Pick this up now over at Titan Woods.

Fistula - Goat MCD Digipack!

Fistula, deathladen sludge thrashbots, present us with their latest mini-release in the form of a tastefully done digipack MCD. I have always liked their deathly take on the sludge genre, and the artwork is right up my street. This just hit the shelves over at Crucial Blast and I strongly advise you to seek this band out, some samples are provided below for your most welcome opinion.

Ohio is rotting. Fistula once again team up with Crucial Blast to deliver another heavy dose of their septic, filthy, lumbering death-sludge in the form of Goat, a five-song Ep of low-fi and low-end nihilistic filth and rabies-laced caveman thrash with songs based on the ghoulish discovery and subsequent investigation of the eleven decomposing bodies found in the Cleveland home of Anthony Sowell in the Autumn of 2009. This new disc delivers more of the pulverizing, slime-covered sludge and primitive death metal rot that these Buckeye barbarians have been carving out in the back of Medina garages over the past ten years, continuing to follow in the coagulated blood tracks of Frost, Autopsy and Winter, but filtered through Fistula's uniquely mangled and inebriated scum-haze and utterly negatory worldview.

Fistula's Goat will be available in early June on both cd and digital formats, and we also have a new shirt design for Goat that features the album's insane cover art from artist Steve Barcus. The shirt and cd can both be preordered now for immediate shipment once they arrive from the manufacturer, and we also have a shirt/cd/sticker/1" button set package available as well.

1. Ohio Death Toll Rising ::MP3 SAMPLE::
2. One Chair And An Electrical Cord ::MP3 SAMPLE::
3. The Ones That Got Away ::MP3 SAMPLE::
4. So Far Sowell So What ::MP3 SAMPLE::
5. Mission Accomplished ::MP3 SAMPLE::

Isänmaa - Yli Peltojen, Vetten Ja Tunturien Re-released as 7", Picture Disc and MCD

This underground gem was originally released in a limited run of 50 cassettes back in 1996. Essentially the earliest incarnation of Impaled Nazarene, the music following a similar suite with the demo-vibe touch absolutely every kvltist feasts on as lifeforce. Re-relaesed, repackaged and re-released as a 7", 7" picture disc as well as MCD, so no reason not to give this a spin on your preferred format.

Long lost Finnish black metal jewel is finally available on MCD, 7'EP and Pic. 7'EP.
Some of the tracks were supposed to be on Impaled Nazarene mini album 1996,
but Sir Luttinen left the band just before the recordings and recorded them by himself under the name of Isänmaa.
Lyrics are written in Enochian, Finnish and English.

Music itself sounds like early Impaled Nazarene. This masterpiece is originally released 1996 on tape with limitation of 50 copies. These new versions are remasteredand including one never before released bonus track

Grab it from Primitive Reaction.

Tenebrae In Perpetuum & Krohm Split Now Available

Longtime fan of Tenebrae In Perpetuum's delightfully cold and bombastic take on Black Metal, 'Onori Funebri Rituali' one of my first forays into the Black Metal underground, this split representing the final release Frozen Glare Smara will foresake under the Tenebrae In Perpetuum monicker. With both this project and Beatrik long laid to rest, it would be a sad story if this soul took a step away from music altogether. However, Krohm - playing a slower, bleaker manifestation of the metal in question complete this release making it completely mandatory for any fan of underground abuse and a fitting tribute to the final call of this now defunct Italian one man black metal gem.

"Two artists of Italian ancestry combine to present a bleak, foreboding mutual vision of Black Metal. A unique appreciation of all things dark and ancient, this collaboration features three lengthy contributions from each act, forged into a reciprocal work of rare depth and craft. TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM proffer three odes paying homage to their musical forebears, while KROHM bestows a trinity of tracks composed post-"A Haunting Presence". Here, we encounter a lesser-seen face of TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM: with a slower tempo, darker atmosphere and more obscure aura synonymous with their earliest days. KROHM's offerings, meanwhile, pay tribute to Numinas' home country, with inspiration drawn from long walks along the streets of the old world, breathing in the cold winter air."

Pick this up over at Eitrin Editions for the fair sum of €12.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Black Metal is my life."

An accurate representation of Lurker's userbase:

Dispirit - Rehearsal at Oboroten (2010)

When trawling the depths of the internet's many black metal communities, I am frequently shocked by the complete lack of respect some people afford to Weakling nowadays. It seems that they are often portrayed as scapegoats for what some black metal fans deem an undesirable element entering the scene. Dead As Dreams was one of my earlier black metal experiences, and has remained a true favourite to this day. For me, Weakling nailed the howling, frozen sound of earlier acts but on a much larger scale. Up until then the only black metal band I knew with such a massive sound was Emperor. Weakling distanced themselves from the symphonic pomp element and made black metal of an epic scope that was gritty, darker and ready for the battlefield.

Which is why this demo is exciting for me. After Weakling's demise, everyone wondered where mastermind John Gossard would take his music next. Of course there was the unique avant-doom of The Gault, but this never set my imagination on fire like Weakling did. Asunder, also dead and buried, could stand up to the most towering denizens of the funeral doom community in its day. But if you, like me, are still hungering for Gossard's return to the sprawling black metal chaos then look no further than his latest project, Dispirit.

Dispirit formed in 2007 and it's not hard to see why the band took their time with recording. These pieces are loooooong: two tracks, 18:52 and 12:23. Unless your thrills have to come thick and fast then perhaps don't bother, but the musical territory covered is more than varied enough to  hook the attentive listener.

Several things are immediately evident from the opening of Ixtab's Lure. The funeral doom aesthetics have crossed over as Dispirit is far more sombre and cavernous than Gossard's previous work. Yet when the vocals finally seep in through the doom and gloom, in contrast to Weakling's panicked yelps they are direct and malevolent. Proceedings are dragged out and painful but the atmosphere is thick with an occult feeling that will fascinate. This theme continues when it breaks into a beautiful psychedelic respite with droning, ritualistic vocals. But past the ten minute mark the music becomes much more dynamic, blazing through blastbeat batteries, dissonance, melody, soaring guitar solos and fucking great riffs.

Bitumen Amnii is more immediate with intriguing time-signatures and guitar work reminiscent of Ved Buens Ende. The melodic vocals are utilised again and I'm beginning to think (on my fourth listen) that they are a particularly great aspect of Dispirit. At its most brutal, the piece harks back to Deathspell's earliest aggressive and angular efforts, but there is simply no point in a running commentary of these songs. They are amorphous and always shifting through styles and influences. These words will suffice: DOOM, FUNERAL, BLACK, ATMOSPHERIC, METAL. But damn this song ends on a high.

I am very fucking excited. Judging from what this rehearsal shows, future output from Dispirit has the potential to topple Weakling in terms of quality. Considering how fertile the contemporary black scene is in 2010, Dispirit's time is now. So let's hope they get that far.

From the Pulpits of Abomination

Well, both the new Watain and the new Blood of Kingu have leaked. Go, godspeed you followers of blogspot and seek them out.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

'Until The Light Takes Us' DVD Release!

For anyone unlucky enough to have missed a screening of the latest documentary centered around the classic Norweigan Black Metal scene of the early 90's, here is your opportunity to grab the DVD release. Whilst I found this a bit dissapointing, I know a handful of individuals that enjoyed the film and can definitely appreciate the work both Audrey and Aaron are attempting to communicate. Support!

"We are pleased to announce the North American DVD release of Until The Light Takes Us. We have three versions: a single disc standard DVD and a limited 2 disc DVD (also available as blu-ray) that has every available second full of special features, deleted scenes, outtakes, a class on the history of metal with Fenriz, interviews with Enslaved, Nocturno Culto, Necrobutcher and more, and expanded interviews with Garm, Immortal, Varg, Fenriz and Hellhammer.

This is available in Zone 1 (America and Canada) and Zone 4 (Mexico) with Spanish and French subtitles. Factory 25 is now taking pre-orders (at a nice discount): http://www.factorytwentyfive.com/until-the-light-takes-us/

Please help us spread the word. We have flyers for the dvd release that can be emailed to anyone who can print them. If you are already on our street teams, or if you would like to join, this is the time to do it! Let us know if you can flyer and we'll email them out to you. Please don't reply here, but email us at info@blackmetalmovie.com and let us know that you want flyers. Thank you!

Order the DVD today! http://www.factorytwentyfive.com/until-the-light-takes-us/

Italian Premiere:
Sunday 4th July at 9PM in Umbertide (PG) Rockin' Umbria Festival

German Premiere:
Rapid Eye Movies is distributing the film in German-speaking territory. The German theatrical premiere will happen this August and the film will continue from there on a German cinema tour through many cities. You will be able to find more info about this at http://www.rapideyemovies.de/ once it's up. And we'll have more info and specifics soon.

England: we do not yet have a dvd distributor here, so be sure to catch these screenings!

Manchester: Starts 20 May at Islington Mill www.islingtonmill.com
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=248745878570&ref=ts

Cardiff, Wales: Thanks to an excellent turnout and continued demand, we've been invited back for a second run, beginning 21 May. www.chapter.org
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=233801483322&ref=t

Newcastle, England: starts 25 June @ Stars and Shadow Cinema. http://www.starandshadow.org.uk/
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=220173173253&ref=ts


LA: The film is screening at a benefit in LA this coming weekend. I have to be honest with you, I don' know much about this. All proceeds go toward a Charles Mingus youth center; we like Mingus, so we said sure. I can't vouch for anything else about this, on the website we're listed as part of a death metal afternoon. So. If you're in LA, missed the film at Laemmle's, and don't want to wait for the DVD, this is for you. Info here: http://laweekend.laweekly.com/

Roanoke, VA: 6/15 one show only, @The Shadowbox Cinema http://www.theshadowboxcinema.com/

Reminder, if your town or country isn't yet confirmed for a screening or DVD, call the local indie theaters and distributors and request it. You can also make a local facebook group and get your friends involved.

In the US, theaters can book from Variance Films.
In the UK, they can book by writing us at info@blackmetalmovie.com.
In Australia/New Zealand they should contact Shock Films.
In German speaking countries they can contact Rapid Eye Movies.
If your country is not listed here, and if you have contacts with any distributors, please write us.

* 27 x 40 inch Posters are available here: http://www.blackmetalmovie.com/

$20 plus shipping ($6 in US, $10 international, if it's an international order you must do this manually on paypal, using this email address)

Thank you,
Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites"

UK Distro's

All to often I am left unknowing and unwilling to pay the fortune of shipping and handling costs to acquaint my greedy hands with the latest obscure release the underground garbles up. So, I thought I would put together a list of reliable UK distro's stocking extreme metal at the moment in an attempt to boost the economy and the likelihood that these distros will stay open, as well as bolstering your weak, pathetic music collection instead of your collection of invisible, terrabyte styled hard-drives you mp3fags/FLACfags you..

At War With False Noise
- This guy put out the Locrian - Territories LP, enough respect. Visit and support.
Aurora Borealis
- Excellent forerunner in the UK label scene pumping out great release after release with an unparalleled distribution service covering just about every angle the extreme underground has to offer.
CDG Distribution
- Black and Death metal, limited selection, slightly haggard looking site but reliable nonetheless.
Cold Spring
- Lots and lots to get through here if you enjoy noise/ambient, just a shame about the price tags (in this case, it might actually work out cheaper to order abroad and wait).
Christcrusher Productions
- Black Metal 'elitist' label/distro I find it hard not to lol at that has put out some killer releases, including the original (and now much coveted) Urfaust - Geist Ist Teufel LP release.
Dead Souls Productions
- Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash, lots of second hand material too, all very reasonably priced.
Feast Of Tentacles
- Great label/distro stocking black/doom/hardcore/powerviolence including Fell Voices and alot of Thou material.
Legion Blotan
-An offshoot of the famous Turgid Animal Records now specialising completely in Black Metal! Bring on plenty of vinyl and cassette abomination. I'm praying this does not deteriorate into another subpar CD collection.
- Death Metal, not a great selection of stock but worth a browse.
Supernal Music
- Specialises in Black Metal, a large selection of material with a less than consistent roster. Drudkh and Hate Forest were backed by the label, but also a number of pathetic attempts at Black Metal.
- Decent distro/label stocking sludge/doom/drone/grind/black/everything. Not a huge selection but again worth a look.
- Great little label that puts out a few gems a year with an extensive collection of underground Black/Death/Noise releases.
Turgid Animal
- Great Noise label that always has limited runs of excellent projects.
Thorn Laceration
- Lots of cassettes if you're that way inclined, decent selection of black/death.
Under the Dark Soil
- Specialising in Black Metal, stocks a reasonable amount of material.

If you have any other independent/underground distros in the UK, leave a comment and support the underground!

Dead Raven Choir - Jean Genet's Lonesome Rhino 7"

DotDotDot have unleashed the latest ammunition from the Dead Raven Choir camp. It seems Mr. Smolken is ending this quarter of this psyche to continue work on other, more deranged material (I fail to see how you can get much more deranged than Dead Raven Choir):

The "Jean Genet's Lonesome Rhino" 7" is now out, limited to 300 copies on red/black vinyl. Includes covers of Południca, Kazuki Tomokawa and Hank Williams. The Południca cover is on the Dead Raven Choir myspace.

No underwear with this one, but buy a copy anyway.

Pick it up here, for 10 euros posted paid worldwide.

Wrathprayer - In Utter Darkness 7" EP

Blood Harvest in Sweden have announced they will be unleashing a revamp of the original Wrathprayer demo on 7" this May through the newly formed Temple of Abomination Records:

I'm happy to announce that we will be the main distributer in Europe for the new label, TEMPLE OF ABOMINATION. The first release will be the 7" vinyl edition of WRATHPRAYER's 2009 demo, 'In Utter Darkness'. Dark and obscure black/death from Rancagua, Chile. This release is expected to be available for shipping on May 10th. PRE-ORDERS ACCEPTED NOW! www.bloodharvest.se/catalog

If you enjoy the likes of Teitanblood, Vasaeleth, or anything remotely bestial in its approach to extreme metal - there are few projects that approach this level of vile intensity, and with a distro list as long as their are countries in the world - there is no reason to not pick this up.

Available from the following decent distros:
www.sekt-ov-gnozis.com (Russia)
www.ahdistuksenaihio.com (Finland)
www.users.kymp.net/pestilence (Finland)
www.fallentemple.xt.pl (Poland)
Splattered Records: ddcbitch@yahoo.com (Usa)
www.nwnprod.com/catalog (Usa)
www.ironbonehead.de (Germany)
www.supremacy-through-intolerance.org (Germany)
www.amor-fati-productions.de (Germany)
www.obliteration.jp (Japan)
www.record-boy.com (Japan)
www.unbornproductions.com (Norway)
www.detestrecords.com (Belgium)
www.mesacounojo.com (Uk)
www.irontyrant.net (Italy)
www.adelaideunderground.com (Australia)

Dictionnaire Infernal

The Dictionnaire Infernal is a demonology grimoire written by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin De Plancy, and first published in 1818. Its most notable publication is the 1863 version, into which 69 illustrations were added. The book attempts to provide an account of all prior superstitions regarding these supernatural beings. An introduction to the 1826 publication describes the book thus:

"Infernal Dictionary, or, a Universal Library on the beings, characters, books, deeds, and causes which pertain to the manifestations and magic of trafficking with Hell; divinations, occult sciences, grimoires, marvels, errors, prejudices, traditions, folktales, the various superstitions, and generally all manner of marvellous, surprising, mysterious, and supernatural beliefs."

Some of the strange and imaginative drawings are represented here.










And a demonic being ripping through the void!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Loveless in 128

So I'm listening to Loveless at 128. My Bloody Valentine are great, it's been a while. Haters gonna hate.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wormphlegm - "In an Excruciating Way..." LP UNLEASHED!

FINALLY. Completely mandatory Funeral Doom suffocation from Wormphlegm which finally makes its way to vinyl after its initial release as a cassette demo limited to 100 copies. Fully titled "In an Excruciating Way Infested With Vermin and Violated by Executioners Who Practise Incendiarism and Desanctifying the Pious", this completely outstanding example of Funeral Doom has found its way back into print. Rusty Crowbar Records have it up for 15euros. Yes, this might seem a tad pricey when you equate shipping costs (especially for our American brethren) but this is completely fucking essential.

Completely reworked, revamped and re-edited aesthetic housing a magnificent 180gm vinyl - this 32 minute track is a monument. Buy it here, Listen here and prepare. PREPARE.

An interview with Mories of Gnaw Their Tongues/De Magia Veterum/Aderlating

For frequent visitors of Lurker, I'm sure Gnaw Their Tongues needs no introduction. A one-man vehicle of undistilled terror and confusion, the musical territory of Gnaw Their Tongues cannot be pinned down easily. Sprawling across the raw aggression and malice of black metal, it traverses the harsher aspects of noise and drone while smashing through the perverse fringes of industrial and dark ambient. While Gnaw Their Tongues is perhaps the flagship of Mories' works, he is also the sole creative force behind the bestial, avant-garde onslaught of De Magia Veterum. Considerably more guitar-based than Morie's other projects, De Magia Veterum is a tour de force in black metal that is not limited by stagnant traditionalism and elitism, a mindset which is, thankfully, on the decline. The throbbing static drones that pour from Aderlating are also the work of our man here, a project that can be considered a more relaxing (?) alternative to the visceral grind of Gnaw Their Tongues. Alex and I caught up with Mories and asked a few questions about himself, his work and what has influenced him to bear such an abhorrent, twisted and generally fucked up trio of children.

What is the musical underground like in the Netherlands?  Are there many Dutch artists you hold in high regard?

No, not really. I actually have a strong dislike for most artists here in the Netherlands. I don't know of any other bands with a sound like mine either. I think the problem with the Netherlands (at least in my experience) is that bands all want to sound like some one else. Indeed Urfaust have completely their own sound and I can appreciate that, but it's not really my kind of music. Also, I'm so utterly in my own little world, I'm blissfully unaware of any 'scenes' or what not. Most of my friends aren't even into heavy music.

Your latest release through Hell Lies In Others; 'Tsutomu Mizayaki' is influenced by the serial killer of the same name. His crimes were influenced by an extensive interest in Horror and Slasher flicks. Alot of your own tracks use samples to set the mood, not all of which are instantly recognisable. Tell us about your relationship with film and media in general.

I used to include lots of samples in my music. I don't do that anymore, but samples are indeed a great way to set a mood. I'm also a big fan of film music, because it too sets the mood right away. I used to be a film freak (thanks to a BBC series of 'freaky' movies really late on sunday evenings, some time in the nineties) but films have hardly made an impact on me lately.

You work on your various projects entirely alone.  Have you had much experience in a band environment? Would Gnaw Their Tongues ever consider operating in a live setting?

Never say never but I can't see it happening right now. I only play live with Aderlating at this point.

I started out in high school with a doom/death band, Atrocious. We could not really play our instruments at the time: great fun, but very crappy music. Then I formed Cauteror with some other guys, again doom/death, also very crappy. I think we did two or three demos. Later it became Soulwound which also did two demos. The last one was pretty good: some sort of funeral doom (before the term was invented), a bit melodic with both clean vocals and growls. With one of the Soulwound guys we also did a BM project The Nefarious Cult, we did one demo. Soulwound could have gone places, but we were all too busy with school or work . And we smoked way too much at that time, nothing got done!

Do you do all your own artwork? All Gnaw Their Tongues and Aderlating releases I personally own have great aesthetic value, is this something important to you?

Yes visuals are an important aspect of both projects and yes I do ALL my own visuals, from sleeves, to ads and promo photos.

Each of your projects emits a very particular atmosphere and feeling. In regard to Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum and Aderlating, what aspect of your personality are you trying to exorcise and express?

That part of me wants to kill the world but is too depressed to do something besides making mind-numbing music. De Magia Veterem was there first, that's basically a guitar-based black metal beast. Aderlating was created for playing live and is much more drone and noise based than Gnaw Their Tongues.

There is clearly a vast pool of different musical influences running into your work and to categorize it is a challenge.  What kinds of music have ushered you down this creative path?

I went from 'rock' as a kid to 'metal' to 'death metal' to 'black metal' to everything. I really listen to all kinds of music nowadays. At the moment I'm mostly listening to the new Broken Social Scene, Bloody Panda's Summon, Animal Collective, Morton Feldman's Coptic Light and some soundtrack compilation from some blog.

What is your stance with black metal? The phrase is often thrown around where ever Gnaw Their Tongues is mentioned, but I think this hardly covers the scope of your music. I recently got hold of your early release as Astral. The black metal imagery is in place yet the music is still strangely beyond. Can you elaborate on the project?

I actually liked black metal until the mid nineties when I really grew tired of the whole thing. The reason my music is 'strangely beyond' is probably because I do everything on my own. No influences outside my own head. I am also not really into imitation. I'll maybe use an idea/sound from a band I like and twist it into my own thing but the moment I come up with music that even remotely resembles some other band/composer, I'll throw it away. Astral was mainly inspired by Necromantia. I also used mostly bass guitar and was very fascinated by 'ritual' (and free form improv) music at that time. The second demo is a little more 'normal' black metal.

Read any interesting books lately?

I used to read a lot, but the last three years I've not read a single hard copy of a book. I try to read online (Gutenberg). Most 'classics' from the last two centuries are online. I think I read Heart of Darkness and some stuff by Mark Twain last.

In Gnaw Their Tongues I can at times sense that you might be familar with Akira Yamaoka; the man behind the Silent Hill soundtracks. Have you ever come across the Silent Hill video games? They echo a very similar feel to your music. 

People always mention Silent Hill, but I've actually not heard that stuff. I'm not much of a gamer but I should check it out, it sounds interesting.

Isis Split

Yesterday, the mighty Isis announced their split:

ISIS has reached an end. It's hard to try to say it in any delicate way, and it is a truth that is best spoken plainly. This end isn't something that occurred over night and it hasn't been brought about by a single cataclysmic fracture in the band. Simply put, ISIS has done everything we wanted to do, said everything we wanted to say. In the interest of preserving the love we have of this band, for each other, for the music made and for all the people who have continually supported us, it is time to bring it to a close.

Members of Isis have their fingers in many pies, so I'm sure we will be hearing from them a fair bit in the future, but for now: Thank you guys for being Isis ;_;

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ghast - "May The Curse Blind" 2xlp Pre-Order

For those who remain unacquainted with this Black Doom band from the UK, mandatory listening materials available here. For those who are acquainted with the down tuned black metal savagery, the 2xLP has been made available by pre-order at Flenser Records. This is a great slab of doomed black (blackened doom doesn't quite fit) metal that prooves once again the United Kingdom has an ear for the metuls in this modern year.

"Ghast’s amazing debut full length on wax for preorder now:

Originally released on CD by Todestrieb records in 2008. Flenser is very proud to release this monument to black doom.

The double vinyl release also contains the Ghast tracks off of the split with Helvette released on War Flagellation in 2007. The vinyl cut of these demo tracks sounds unbelievable!"

500 copies.
100 on clear with red splatter (available only directly from Flenser)
400 on clear red vinyl
Gatefold jacket with redesigned artwork. Printed on reverse board.

Click here for the pre-order.

Monday, May 17, 2010

2010: Blackened Summer

As if Live Evil wasn't enough this year in the UK, there are a ton of great looking festivals spreading across the world this summer. Europe seems to have got the lion's share with the strongest looking roster. Under The Black Sun, Hole In The Sky and Hammer Open Air Metal Festival all boast cult favourites like Venom, Watain, Obituary, Urfaust, Angantyr or Mortifera. Take your pick, a festival near you is probably putting them on. America steps up to the plate this year with the Northwestern Black Circle Festival. Though only the second event of its kind, the festival has managed to swag quite an impressive line-up. Who wouldn't see Inquisition headline? And of course the dark horse of the batch, the Gathering of Shadows. An invite only event in the forests of the Rocky Mountains, with the sole purpose of transcending entertainment in the live setting.

Under The Black Sun Festival: Berlin, Germany 2 - 3 July

After 12 years of quality bands gracing this German festival's stage, Under The Black Sun continues to strive for brilliant and diverse line-ups. A few of my favourites from past and present are proving enough reason for me to want to go. Denmark's finest, Angantyr are set to play as well as Noctu and Neige's Mortifera, the act that heavily influenced Neige's direction thereon. Poland is well represented with a couple of great bands, the furious Kriegsmachine featuring members of Mgla and the challenging Furia. But this is just for starters...

Hammer Open Air Festival: Lieto, Finland 11 - 12 June

Finland's Hammer Open Air fest are newcomers to the game, but fresh-faced and determined they've built a sturdy line-up this year. This is my second favourite offering from Europe but to be honest, I'll go wherever Urfaust go. Other highlights include England's doom metal grandad's, Pagan Altar, occult rock from The Devil's Blood and godfathers of quality USBM, Grand Belial's Key. If all goes to plan this year Hammer Open Air is definitely a festival to watch in the future.

Hole In The Sky Festival: Bergen, Norway 24 - 28 August

The big guns are coming out now. Bergen's Hole In The Sky was the first annual festival in Norway. The event was established in 1999 as a tribute to Erik Brødreskifts (Gorgoroth, Immortal, Borknagar) who died that same year. All profits from ticket sales have since gone into the Erik Brødreskifts Memorial Fund, a foundation focussed on the promotion of heavy metal related activities in Bergen. So at least you know your money is going to a good place. The line-up is unrivaled and varied; Venom, Cathedral, Suffocation, Watain, Secrets of the Moon and Obituary to reel off the big names. But if you strain your eyes and look closer, Urfaust are once again on the bill. As are England's unsung heroes of blackened death metal, Grave Miasma. I envy you Norsemen!

Northwestern Black Circle Festival: Portland OR, USA 21 - 22 May

Oregon's Dark Forest Productions are keeping it low key with an underground selection of bands from the Northwestern region. I'm unfamiliar with a majority of the acts but I'd relish the chance to be introduced in the live habitat. Inquisition on the other hand are one of those special bands with an inimitable sound and vision. If you're in the area, at least go for them. Averse Sefira are also headlining and while I've seen them live and have one of their records, they're slightly lacklustre in the face of what else the festival circuit has to offer. The Northwestern Black Circle is THIS FRIDAY so sort some tickets out.

Gathering of Shadows VII: Culmination of the Pleiades: Green Mountain Falls, CO 4 - 5 June

The one that everyone knows about but have never been to, the Gathering of Shadows is now in its 7th successful year. The formula remains unchanged: no profits, no tickets, no money. Just black metal offered under the night sky of the Rocky Mountains. The bands travel at their own expense to perform here making it a privilege to attend. Any form of 'business' is totally eradicated so that the music to speak for itself, unhindered in the inspiring surroundings. I'd love to go to this, but with it so far away it would have to be an expedition of military precision. The line-up is brilliant as always: Nightbringer lead the way as their members organise the Gathering of Shadows each year. And if Apocalypse Sun is anything to go by, you want to be at this show. The brutal and uncompromising Nazxul are making the exhausting trip from Australia and the esoteric Black Seas of Infinity will also be performing. The main problem with the event is securing that elusive invitation. Undoubtedly rife with elitism, this is the one 'festival' most regular black metal fans will never lay eyes upon.

There are bound to be far more festivals on this year. If there's one going on near you that I haven't mentioned, please tell us about it. I'm also open to receiving reviews that we can post if readers are planning on heading to any of the above? I'm essentially limited to Live Evil and would love to hear about the others.

New Heresi - "Psalm III - Tres Sermones Ad Morts"

Total Holocaust have confirmed that after a good 2/3 years of silence on Skamfer's front, Heresi will be returning with a new Opus: Psalm III - Tres Sermones Ad Morts.

"After over four years of silence I'm proud to announce that the black entity of Heresi is once more bleeding through newly opened wounds. Skamfer has through his new official website announced the manifestation of Heresi. The new creation that soon will be bled is to be entitled Psalm III - Tres Sermones Ad Morts. For all further information I suggest you keep an eye on the official website."

Expect more information soon. For those frothing at the mouth for more knowledge - check the Heresi site.

Good night, sweet prince.

Ronnie James Dio, July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Inquisition album: 'Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm'

Inquisition have confirmed they are working on/recordig a new studio effort, lightheartedly titled 'Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm'. We are all familiar with Inquisition's work and that undeniable sense of orthodoxy and ascension that finds its way into the music. Expect more magical illumination in the form of pure satanic black metal later on this year. The new album, as well as a re-issue of Inquisition's debut album 'Into The Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult' in deluxe format (CD and 2xLP), will both be released through Hells Headbangers in the US and No Colors in the EU.

"Inquisition are scheduled to be in the studio on March 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, Ca. to begin the recording of their 5th full-length studio album. The title has been released, and will be "Ominous Doctrines of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm". More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.
Also, don't forget that Hells Headbangers Records will be releasing a re-issue of Inquisition's debut full-length album "Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult" from 1998. This will be available as a deluxe digipak CD, as well as a double LP; both with better sound quality than the original. The re-issue will also include new album art done by the mastermind who created art for Inquisition in the past, Antichrist Kramer.
Further information regarding the re-issue can be found here.

Hail Satan."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Urfaust Art

Looks like artwork for the forthcoming Urfaust release will be handled by Black Mind's Eye's Anthony Roberts. Killer work. Keep your eye out over at Urfaust's Big Cartel site for shirts that seem to sell out the same day they're put out. Always loving on the Urfaust aesthetic.

New Hell Militia album - "Last Station On The Road To Death"

Hell Militia are set to release a new album through Debemur Morti Productions on 21/05/10 entitled 'Last Station On The Road To Death'. Debemur Morti will be handling both CD and LP responsibilities, including a limited edition Digibook CD, the link also contains MP3's and where to purchase.

1 - always the same 01:06
2 - born without light 05:50
3 - unshakable faith 05:37
4 - et inferno ego 05:31
5 - the ultimate deception 05:48
6 - fili diaboli 04:50
7 - shoot knife strangle beat & crucify * 04:56
8 - the pig that became a god 08:50
9 - last station on the road to death 05:17

I hope they continue in the same vein as Canonisation of the Foul Spirit and Meynach has not been suckered into this whole depressive element. Anyway, SUPPORT!

Blood of Kingu - "Sun In The House Of The Scorpion" 2010 release through Candlelight

Featuring artwork by the figurehead Beksinski (3rd image down in this post to be exact), Blood of Kingu (featuring Roman Sayenko of Hate Forest) are to unleash their new opus, entitled: Sun in the House of the Scorpion through Candlelight Records later this year. You can give some new tracks a listen via the Candlelight E-Card and expect some more impeccable Ukranian black metal - definitely something to look forward to.

"BLOOD OF KINGU was forged in 2005 by Ukrainian Black Metal legend Roman Sayenko known for his other work in (HATE FOREST, DRUDKH, DARK AGES,), Thurios ( ASTROFAES, DRUDKH, HATE FOREST), Krechet (DRUDKH, ASTROFAES) and Yuri ( DRUDKH, LUTOMYSL). The debut album - entitled "De Occulta Philosophia" - was recorded in the summer of 2007. It represents intensive, fast and grim Black Metal with ritualistic melodies and real shamanistic, freezing voices. The main idea behind BLOOD OF KINGU is Black Metal inspired by and paying homage to Sumerian, ancient Egyptian, ancient Tibetan and Indo-Aryan mythology, demonology and astronomy.

BLOOD OF KINGU reflects Nature and Elements' power, showing the real sense of Black Metal (nowadays forgotten), searching for Purity, Knowledge and Abyss.

BLOOD OF KINGU's Art is far removed from the world of humans and ignorant creations like politics, technology, urbanization, religious contradictions and modern hypocritical values / ideals. :

The mesmerizing new album entitled "Sun In The House Of The Scorpion" was recorded in the autumn of 2009 And will de released later this year by Candlelight records."

Menace Ruine - Union of Irreconcilables' May 2010

Menace Ruine are set to release their 4th effort this May through local label Aurora Borealis. Expect more of the same drone based black metal nestled in the mysticism of Genevieve's vocals, martial rhythm and the inevitable continuation of a band completely their own. The pre-order is available now, £19.99 for a limited edition t-shirt and CD.

'The Montreal duo MENACE RUINE will release their fourth opus in May 2010 on Aurora Borealis. Entitled 'Union of Irreconcilables'' the album builds on their previous great works, the alchemical collision of Black Metal, noise, mysticism, martial rhythms, and a Medieval sense of melody leaving the listener with a sense of unforgettable originality.

'Union of Irreconcilables' will be released as a limited edition 180g double LP and as a noble digipack compact disc."

New material is available for streaming over at the Myspace and Aurora Borealis page.
Pick up your pre-order here.


LURKERMEN: Plenty to update you about regarding the wanderings of the lurker collective. We are in the process of dramatic upheaval. Soon to be moving to a proper domain address, we will have an updated aesthetic including work from our close friend Black Uroborus and there is even talk about bringing about a physical, printed publication to the fray. If you have any ideas/requests or bands you think deserve attention, we are waiting (lurking..) to hear from you.

Sigh - "The Curse of Izanagi" now available!

Sigh have a new 7"EP available through Primitive Reaction for the tidy sum of 7€. Strictly limited to 500 copies, you'd better hurry if you want to own these. The EP itself includes 4 unreleased tracks spanning the last 10 or so years of Sigh's career, from tribute tracks for Coltrane to Venom cover songs.

1. The Curse of Izanagi
Re-recorded in 2007 with the current line-up.

2. War
Unreleased track 2010

3. Spiritual
Recorded for John Coltrane tribute in 2002. The tribute was never released.

4. Countess Bathory
Unreleased version.